Sunday, January 18, 2009

just blogging

I just thought that I would do other one on here tonight for some reason. I just wish that I was a lot better at this kind of things then I am. I wish that I could find a home business that I don't have to pay to be part of it and in the end they don't bother to help u all either. I want someone that would help u out a lot on it to u get understand what u are doing with the site. When u think that u find something like that for some reason they stop helping u out. I don't know why they do that. I just wish that I could find something that would work for us around here. Since it's hard for my mom to work and I don't like to leave her home to long by herself. She has bad knees and it's hard for her to walk sometime she goes down on them. At one time she was trying to get disability. But they turned her down for it. But she said she was going to go for it again. But I am not to sure if she is going to do it again or not. She said one thing and does other. But thats just a lot of people does that too. My aunt not to happy with the Nurserying Home around here way they are doing with my uncle her older bother that she is helping taking care of. Since her daughter and son live out of state. They been leaving him wet a very long time. She checked up on him few times yesterday I do know for sure and he was wet then too. And today he wasn't to far from the door and he was wet then too. What are they trying to get him sick and in the Hospital again or what. I can't spell what he as. All I do know is he don't really know whats going on. Oh well I think I am going to stop here for now. I might do other or later on but not to sure yet. Just have to wait and see how I feel later on tonight and the time too.


I haven't done one since last summer. I kind of forgot about this site not to long ago. And too I am never to sure on what to say on here. It's hard for me to do one on here. Since I am so use to doing one on more then my yahoo 360 profile. So if there is ayone that can help me out with the blogs that would be great. But I am trying my best at them to see what I can do on my own. But to me it seem like I am not doing that good on my own at times. But oh well I got to try something.