Wednesday, June 1, 2011

about a book that I finished

I thought I would do my post about the book that I just finished last weekend while I was thinkin about it before I forget it. The name of the book is The Everything Sign Language Book 2nd Edition. By Irene Duke.
This is what is on the back of the book.
Do you want to communicate with a family member, friend, or student who is deaf or heard of hearing? Are you looking to improve your resume and find new employment opportunities? Have you always been fascinated by the nonverbal communication of American Sign Language?
Then The Everything Sign Language Book, 2nd Edition is the fun and easy guide you have been searching for. This straightforward and accessibel book guides you thought this basics of ASL with clear instruction and more then 300 easy-to-follow illustrations.

This is what I thought of the book. It was good and it was a lot of fun to read and learn everything. It did remind me of some of the old onces that I learned years ago and some news in there too. It showed me what to teach to a baby so that we know what they want. But I know that there is still a lot more out there that I can still learn on this. There is lot of other books that you can get. I did learn that everything is a little bit different in every state I just thought it was just different in country not every state but it is. And there are website you can go to. I just might find a school where I can take a class in this and learn more things and might help me keep what I did learn from this book in my mind a lot more.

Now for the new book that I am reading. The name of the book is Deep Dixie by Annie Jones.
This on the back of thie book.
Dixie Fulton-Feigh is in trouble. Deep.
For generation the Fulton-Leihs have been the wealthiest, best-educated, most powerful family in Fulton's Dominion, Mississppi.
Not to mention the nuttiest.
And now the Dixie's daddy is gone, it's up to her to step into his shoes-which she is perfectly capable of doing, no matter what the lawyers say. As for Jake walker, the rugged ex-sawmill owner who's waltzed into her town-and her life -with the intention of taking over the family compay... well, Dixie can handle him, too. As long as the good Lord and Miss Lettie are there to help her out...
But the scrappy centenarian who's been with the Fulton-Leighs since Great Grean-Daddy's day has a secret-and it's a shocker. If word gets out, life in Fulton's Dominion will never be the same.
Nor will Dixie.

It doess look ever good I just hope it good as it said on the back on the back of the book. I just started it over the weekend so I am not into to many chapters yet. I will let you know more about it later.