Thursday, December 1, 2011

about my new puppy

About my new puppy
If you read my older post that will say we was looking online for a puppy. But we didn't look for her online and she is not a tea cup yorkie teirrer puppy that we was looking for at first. She is a reg yorkie puppy. We founder her in the new papper. The lady was really nice and friendly with us. They did have some pictures of the puppies that they was saling online. One thing I did like was that her and her husband they was going driver her from Mo to us. They said if we have any questions or problems just give them a call. I will say that more then the others we talk to from the other post would do.

When we got her she was 9wks and somedays old. She is black/gold and now she is 15wks old now or you could say 3 months old. We had her over a month now. Everyone love her just as much as we do. She don't like it when I walk away from her. She know who is her mom is.

I will have pictures of her too. Her name is Fancy her middle name is Joe after my granddaddy. We are so happy that we didn't get a tea cup one after all. We love our Fancy.