Friday, April 24, 2009

April 2009

I thought that I would do one on here and then other one on myspace for some other people that might not see this one. I know this one might be a very long one just a lot of things going on for this one month. There might be some people that know about it and some may not. So it just might be a lot easer for me to do a blog on here. Then keep telling people on here whats been going on. Now if they can't get this site up then I will or in person.

So lest start with the bening of them month April 2, 2009 it was a Thursday. My uncle passed away. He been sick for a long time. The month before he was in the Hospital for 21 day out of the month. And before he died he was with out food or water for 11 days. His daughter and son was in. But my aunt took care of him more when he was in the nusering home. Before he went into the nusering home me and my and aunt took care of him. And his daughter would come in when she got the time to since she lived in W.V. She was in more often then his son ever was. That Wed and Thurs my aunt, his daughter, my other uncle. and me and mom was there. His son left few mins before to take the dog to the hotle or something. He care about that dog more then he does about his own father or anyone else for that matter. He could have left that dog with his son that couldn't come in for everything. But no he couldn't do that. He was the first one that I was there when they died. Now there are only 3 kids out of the 7 kids that my grandma had. I don't know what I would do if any of them did died. Now I only got one uncle left on my mom side. Will if u count my aunt ex husband since they had 2 kids togther and he does feel like a uncle. and I do have a step uncle. But now my uncle said I have no more big brother left. and he is the big brother left for my mom for sure and I think my aunt too. At lest he is in peace now with his wife and his parents and other family member that have went on before him and he not in any pain any more.

Now for the falling weekend was my cousin wedding. But that wedding was just plan looking. and they did thing a lot different then I have seen any wedding done before. I will say this they never did anything like most wedding you have seen or been do I should say. You know that the braide and groom goes back down first but they didn't everyone else in the wedding party went down first. But we didn't stay around for everything. At lest I did get to see my cousin and my ex husband that I still call my uncle. And meet some of the groom side of the family that my cousin grandma(aunt to me) was talking about. I did take some picuters of the wedding. I might be putting up on and the next time I am on my mom computer again.

This past weekend we just had my 10 years class reuion. There was about half of the class there. But I didn't get to see some of the people that I really wanted to. But there was a lot of people that I did get to see that I wanted too. And some people that didn't talk to me at all talked to me and some that didn't talk to me that much did talk some more to me. Few of them wanted me to go to Max to get a drink with them. But if I didn't have to work at my church the next day with the kids then I just might have done that. And too mom was out side waiting on me. Since she wanted to drive me there we wasn't to sure how busy it would be down town in Paducah KY where we meet up that night. And it was very busy that night.

I just forogt one more then to added to this blog tonight. And I wasn't to sure if I could get it back up where I could post it on here or I have to do other one. And it might not be that long. We been having some problems with our Internet and even the router. But at lest that we can get online now. Before then I couldn't get onto some site one was my hotmail and like 5 or more sites for that matter. I hope that we can get the router to work again so that we can have both computer up and run at the same time.