Monday, June 14, 2010

update and why do i get this type of guys for

Here we go again for the 3rd time of trying to typing out this blog. But vista shortcut took everything that I had on here off and I didn't like that. So you can say I hate vista shortcut for doing that to me. Since I did have a lot on here this 2nd time around for that matter. If it does it one more time to me I am going to give up to tomorrow sometime and hope it does a lot better then. I know that I haven't done one of this in a very long time the last one I might have done was last year sometime. So I thought that I would do one now since there nothing eass to do right now right.

I just hope that I remember on what I put for this part of the blog since it was a very long one at that. But I guess I have to try and remember now. I know it had something to do with 2 of my ex's boyfriends and other guy that I was going to meet but didn't. I will tell you more about that one later. Will lest start with my very last boyfriend that I had. I thought we was going to get back togther not that long after we broke up. but didn't happen. I didn't hear that much out of him since feb. but he did forward me things that goes to a link where u can get medincen online. But I did get an email from him day after my B-day asking for my # again. and when I asked him why he wanted it he thought that I had someone. But before I finish tell you about that one lest talk about the other ex boyfriend I had years before. when he came to me on my old yahoo name to talk to me for the first time in a long time. he had a girlfriend. but when we did talk or text on the phone he said he was going to end thing with here. but when we was on yahoo that one night he didn't want me to tell this one person thatwe was talking since she would cause trouble and lot of the time she did do that. and she knew both of my of my ex. But when I did get to talk to him on the phone he said he was going to end things with his girlfriend that he had. and he told me he been thinking about me more this year then he has been and too that he has change and he wanted to see me when he did come down here for the holidays in May. And he wanted to see if we could work things out and I told him I just don't know since you hurt me really bad in the past. he said can't u let go of the past I have change. and I said I just don't know don't. But I did get to see him while he was in town. He and his brother came to the house and we went to the park where his kids was at. and his aunt just yelled at him for not having the kids in bed yet. and he told her that they stay up late on weekend and too they will go to bed when I got to bed. but she didn't like that. But we never got the time alone like he said he wanted to do. since his brother came with him and he had his brothr to take me back home. and he stayed and we talked for a little while but my ex couldn't wait for his brother to get back with the car. he said where is my car I said you didn't need to know that. And he used his mom saying she wanted to know where his was at and I did tell him that his car was save but he didn't like that. I did tell his brother to tell him to say that he got something that you wanted. but nothing every happen it was a joke to see what he would do. but he did say that he was going to call the cop's I am not to sure if he was meaning on me or his brother. but I did find out from someone that he was still going to get married but he didn't change things on his profile like he keep on saying he not getting married. I told him that he need to turn everything over to me like he said he was going to do. But he didn't do that either. and he never told me when he was leaving on the monday. but i did get an text from his brother told me that they was home. but i couldn't do that much texting since I had to watch my texting mins. I haven't heard anything from him in a long time now. it been about a week or so since i heard anything from his brother. Now lest more on to my last ex boyfriend that this year. but like I said earlier in this blog that he ask for my # and we did talk by email a little bit that day. and last tuesday was the day that he did call with a different # and I didn't know who it was but he said yes you do know who this is. and i took a guess on who it was and I was right. but he did ask me in email if wanted to be his girlfriend again. I said we can be friends and he said that we already friends. and he get mad at everything it seemed like. but this past friday he told me while we was on the phone that he loved me really love me like a girlfriend. and thursday he did ask me if I wanted to go with him to a 4th of July pool party. and I said sure. but it will give me something else to do on that day. but when i found out that the 4th was on a sunday and that I had to work. he got mad at me about that and said can't you find someone else to work for you. and i told him that the other person that does sunday school she might be out of town that weekend she might wanted to spend time with her daughter and her family in ST Louise or they might come in that weekend. and he said just forget that I even bother asking you then and hung up the phone on me. But lot of the time he does the calling or texting me first. but he did ask me did I try on my babysutie that I have to see if it still fit into it. but I haven't done it yet. and I ask him u still want to take me thats why I ask about the babysute. but he know that it will be after work before we can go. and too he has to pick me up if not going to do that then I am not going. but he still think that I am his girlfriend. but he someone to hang out with till the right one come along. he got to do a lot of work before I would call him my boyfriend again. but i can't trust him. he think that he my boyfriend i just don't know what to really think about him or do about him for that. lest move on to something else.

why do I get guys that need money to me and use a sad story on me and try for money then. but thats not going to work. now if I saw the person face to face then i could help them better or could tell them where to go to get help and other things. and some of this guys have kids and i guess this guys think it would be safter on them and it look like I am a mean person but I am not just bening host with them and then they just stop talking to me now. but i don't know why i keep on getting this type of guys. is there something wrong with me or a sign on me some where saying how stupided I am or something. but now if I knew the guys in person then I would tell them where they could go to get some help. I am not just going to hand over money to someone I don't know and too I don't have the money either and some of this guys don't want to believe me. why me like I said before is there something wrong with me. I think that I am going to stop here since it's gotting very long and vista want to mess up on me the whole time I been trying to type out this blog tonight and it been pissing me off.