Friday, September 30, 2011

the book that I just finish and the one I am on.

The book is The Hope of Refuge by Cindy Woodsmall.
This is what is on the back of the book. Raised in foster care and now a widowed single parent, New Yorker Cara Moore struggles against poverty, fear, and a relentless stalker. When a trail of memories leads Cara and her daughter, Lori, away from the city toward an Amish community, she follows every lead, eager for answer to mysteries from her past and a fresh start. She quickly discover that Dry Lake, Pennsylvania, is no place for outsider. But one Amish man, Ephraim Mast, dares to fulfill the command believes that he received from God-"Be me to her"-even though doing so threatens his way of life.
Fearful of the stranger Englischer women causing turmoil for his family, Ephraim's sister Deborah tries to focus on the marriage and home she longs to begin with Mahlon Stoltzfus. Her dreams are threatened when her fiance begins behaving oddly, withdrawing, causing concern for both Deborah and Mahlon's mother, Ada. Will Ada's vision for transforming a run-down house unite them all in a common purpose-or push Mahlon away forever?
Torn between the requirement of his community and trying to do what he believes in right, Ephraim risks losing everything , including a developing friendship with the guarded single mother. And only he knows that long-held secrets about her family history ripple beneath the surface of Dry Lake-secret with the power to tear apart the home Cara is desperately trying to create.

A little bit about the author. Cindy Woodsmall is the of When the Heart Cries, When the Morning Comes, and When the Soul Mends. Her ability to authentically capture the heart of her characters comes from her real-life connections with the Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish families. A mother of three sons and two daughter-in-law, Cindy live in Georgia with her husband of more then thirty years.

Before I get into what I thought about this book. I would say that this is my first Amish book that I have ever read that I can think of. So this book was a little bit different then most book I have read in the past. But they do have the main characters in here I will tell you what they said about them and after I finish with that person I tell you what I thought about them.
Cara Arwater Moor- twenty-eight-year-old waitress from New York City who lost her mother as a child, was abandoned by her father, and grew up in foster care. Cara been stalked for years by Mike Snell. What I thought about her was she seem she would just about do anything to get a way from her stalker and giver her daughter a better life. But I could say how it would feel to grown up in foster care that would be something hard for anyone.
Lori Moore-Cara's seven-year-old daughter. Lori's father, Johnny, died before she turned two years old, leaving Cara a Widow. She a sweet little girl and happy and she seem to want to do things to make her mother happy.
Malinda Riehl Atwater-Cara's mother. They don't talk about her that much. They do say something about her here and there. I think someone where closer to the end they might talk about her a lot more.
Trevor Atwater-Cara's alcoholic father. At the beginning they seem to talk a little more about him. Just other one you don't really know a whole lot about.
Levina-Malinda's grandmother who raised her from infancy. You really don't know that much of her just that she raised Cara's mother.
Ephraim Mast-thirty-two-year-old single Amish man who works as a cabinetmaker and help manage his ailing father business and care for their large family. He seem the most friendest person in the book to me.
Deborah Mast-twenty-one-year-old Amish women who is in love with Mahlon Stoltzfus. She's Ephraim's sister. She seem to me be the most in love with her life and the way it's going.
Abner Mast-Ephraim and Deborah's father, Becca's husband. I think he is most heard head at time since he don't want to really listen to what his son have to say.
Becca Mast-Ephraim and Deborah's stepmother and the mother of two of their stepsiblings and four of their half siblings. She just worry about her family to me since they don't really say much about her to me.
Anna Mary Lantz-Ephraim's girlfriend. She seem to me just want Ephraim to listen and she don't want to lost her man either. But at time she seem she more into herself then anything else.
Ruben Lantz-Anna Mary's father. They don't say much about him just who his wife and kid and who he was going to be with but that come closer to the end.
Leah Lantz-Anna Mary's mother. There nothing that I can say about her.
Mahlon Stoltzfus-twenty-three-year-old Amish man who works with Ephraim and is Deborah Mast's longtime beau. There is more to him then they are really letting us know about.
Ada Stoltzfus-Forty-three-year-old widow who is Mahlon's mother, and she's friend and mentor to Deborah Mast. She seem like to help other people too.
Better Days-a mixed-breed pup: Blue Heeler, black Lab, and chow, resembling the author's dog, Jersy. The dog seem to be a happy little pupy and friendly too.
Robbie-an Englischler who is co-work and driver for Ephraim's cabinetry business. Thats all we really know of him.
Israel Kauffman-a forty-five-year-old Amish widower. thats all we really know about her.
That all about the main Characters. But one good thing that they did in this book was give us a glossary of some of the words they used. It seemed to help a lot when they was using thing in Amish. Some of the words didn't look like what we might think it should and sometime it seem much short way of saying it or even writing it. Cara seem like that know one really want to help out and she has to do everything on her own since her husband passed away. Top it all she has someone stalking her and she got to go on the run with her little girl. But she try to find out things along the way. Like why this person didn't come for her when she was younger that her dad said was going to take her and raiser. But she had to grow up in foster car. She go back to a place where her mom took her when she was much younger and that was an Amish commuinty. I don't think that I would understand the Amish way of living. Since this one Amish man name Ephraim was the only one that was willing to help Cara and her daughter out. I understand that he was single man and had a girlfriend too. But a lot of people believe things that they heard about Cara before they even got to know her. Since they turn there back on him would be other way of saying it since I can't think of the word they used. He couldn't do anything with his family or friends and they can't even talk to him just because he help Cara and her daughter and let them live in his house too. She did get her answers. The other people in the community did finly come around to her. It wasn't a bad book to read since it did get me wanted to read more Amish books at first. But I think I will read more of them to see how other Amish write are different then this one. You should read it if you want to get more into God too and see it from a different religious and how they live on a daliy basses.

Now for the book that I am reading right now is anther Amish book. A Sister's Hope by Wanda E Brunstetter.
This is what ison the back of the book Matha is the youngest of the Hostettler sisters and the most daring while her main focus has been on her dog breeding business, Martha has also been troubled about the continuing attacks against her family and home in an Ohio Amish community.
When the prime suspect turns out to be Luke Friesen-the man she loves- Martha decides to play detective. But what will the search for truth cost?
Luke seems to have taken the wrong road in life. With definite motive and a myriad of methods, he looks guilty as sin. Will Martha's hope in his innocence be enough to bring the real criminal to justice?
Roman Hostettler disapproves of the love blossoming between his daughter and Luke. In his determination to drive the couple aprt, discord and dissnsion grow within the family.

About the auther Wanda E Brunstetter enhoys writing about the Amish because they live a peaceful, simple life. Wanda's interest in the Amish and other Plain communities began when she married her husband, Richard, who grew up in Mennonite church in Pennsylvania. Wanda has made numerous trips to Lancaster Country and has seceral friends and family memebers living near the area. She and her husband have also traveled to other parts of the country, meeting various Amish familes and getting to know them personlly. She hopes her readers will learn to love wonderful Amish people as much as she does.
Wanda and her husband have been married over forty years. They have two grown children and six grandchildren. In her spare time, Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, reading, stamping, and having fun with her family.
In addition to her novels, Wanda has writen several novellas, stories, articles, poems, and puppet scripts.
Visit Wanda's Web site at and feel free to email her at

Will I think this about all about both books for now. I hope that you like what I have said and maybe go out and find this books for yourself. If you do read any of the books I have talked about in this post or the others I have did let me know what you think of the books.

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nothing much going on around here

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it's kind of cool right ow

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What's your favorite memory from this summer?

I am not to sure since there was some good things but one that come to mind is VBS since I help with a lot more of it this year. and I love every mins of it and I can't wait for next years either.

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that I am not to sure since I have to work sunday at church

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