Friday, March 2, 2012

What would you miss most if you gave up your phone?

talking to friends or texting them

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's your favorite place to visit?

disney world

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What is your favorite movie?

drity dancing

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When was the last time you talked to your parents? What did you talk about?

just a few mins ago about fancy my puppy

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Do you spend a lot of money or are you good at saving? If you're good at saving, what tricks do you use?

good at saving

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What's the last TV show you watched? What did you like about it?

blue bloods

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Do you do like to shop online? What's your favorite website to buy things from?


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What TV show is must-watch TV for you right now? Do you watch it on live TV or online?

switched at birth

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Do you like bacon?


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about The Judgment

This about the book The Judgment By Beverly Lewis
This is what is on the back of the book. Two Amish sisters reunited by unforeseen circumstances. Hen faces an ultimatum that could leave her heart forever tor. Rose looks ahead to a promising future with handsome Silas. Yet can she forget her dear friend Nick...and what might have been?

He is the oldest daughter she come to visit for a while or stay for good. Hen daughter came with her. Hen married to an English man. After Hen and there daughter been gone few weeks hen husband he start thinking and talking about divorced if she don't come back home soon. If she don't come home he going to go for full custody of there daughter. But the one one bad thing is he don't like anything Amish life. He just don't care if his daughter like something about or not. He just don't want her to grow up that way. But to me he not really thinking that good. The kid has a right to say what she like and don't like too. And too she want to dress like her mother so what is wrong with dressing like the Amish. If he don't like it but if that what make his daughter happy shouldn't that be what matter in the long run. But not to him it's not. But Hen did try to work things out to see what Amish things could work. But he just turned it down just like that. And he is going to the lawyers office to file. But the day that she has to be there to do the paper work that's the day that her husband has his accident. When Hen went to the Hospital to see him her feeling started to change for him again. The accident he had was kind of bad and left him temper blind. But he wanted to go home and do it himself. But there wouldn't be anyone and Hen said that he could some stay with her in Amish world. At first he really didn't want that since he didn't want his daughter to see him like that. But in the long run he did. Since he think it's only going to be few weeks before he can see again. But it could be long as 2 months. While he there they could work on there marriage.

Now for Rose is she going to get married next year or not. Or does she have feeling for the Bishop foster son. But a while back the Bishop only son he had was kill and everyone think that the Bishop foster son did it. Know one really know for sure who did it. If the Bishop foster son don't come back and take his punishing then the Bishop will have to take it since he was the one that was taking care of the foster son. But the foster child was never amish so he would have to want to be part of the amish church. We just don't know if he does come back and take what he should get or tell people what really happen that day. But while she was trying to get her feeling in order her boss come and ask if she would take care of his daughter while he goes and take care of his father that has falling and his mother. Beth is this kind of person that has dream that tell you what going to happen before they do. She does write them down in this book that kind of a prayer/poem book.

Years before there mother got into an accident and she would never go see a spicaleait for the pain While Beth been there she change her mind about seening one. So does she get the help that she need.

This book keep you into it and you wouldn't want to put it down till you find out what happen next. It's a really good book. It was hard to put done some days. The write did a good job at telling us about the Amish life.

For the next book that I am have already started is Ashley Judd All That Is Bitter & Sweet. This is what it said about her on the inside cover side thing I am not to sure what it is called. Ashley Judd is an award-winning film and stage actor known for her roles in both box-office hits and art-house gems, and the daughter and sister of country-music royalty. In 2002,drawing on a deep well of empathy, she found her true calling: as a humanitarian nd advocate for those suffering in negglected parts of the world.
Asked why she was opting out of a successful career, walk away while she was one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood, Ashley herslf could not provide answer. She simply knew that after her first trip to the notorious brothels, slums, and hospices of southeast Asia, her own life depended on advocating on behalf of the vulerable. Promising each new sister, "I will never forget you," Ashley began writing extraordinary diaries-on which this memoir is based-expandin her capacity to relate to, and share with a global audience, stories of survival and resilience.
Along the way, Ashley relized that the coping strategies she had developed to deal with her own emotional pain, stemming from childhood abandonment, were no longer working. Seeking inpatient treatment in 2006 for the grief that had nearly killed her, Ashley found not only her own recovery and an enriched faith but an expanded kit of spiritual tools that enegized and advanced her feminist social justice work.
Now, in this deeply moving and unforgettable memoir, Ashley Judd describes her odyssey, as a left-behind lost child attains international prominence as a fiercely delicated advocate. Her story ranges from anger to forgiveness, isolation to interdependence, depression to activism. In telling it, she resoundingly answer the ineffable question about the relationship between healing onself and service to others.

Monday, January 16, 2012

about what books I just finish and going to start nexted.

I thought that I would do a blog tonight about the book I just finish over the weekend and tell you about the new one that I just started too. The name of the book that I just finish is A Sister's Hope by Wana E Brunstetter.

This is what is on the back of this book. Martha is the youngest of the Hostettler sisters and the most daring. While her main focus has been on her breeding business. Martha has also been troubled about the continuing attacks against her family and home in Ohio Amish community. When the prime supect turn out to be Luke Friesen-the man she loves-Martha decides to play detective. But what will the search for truth cost? Luke seems to have taken the wrong road in life. With a deflnite motive and a myriad of methods, he looks gulity as sin. Will Martha's hope in his innocence be enough to bring the real criminal to justice? Rome Hostettler disapproves of the love blossoming between his daughter and Luke. In determination to drive the couple apart, discord and dissension grow within the family.

It was other good book. At time it seem like you never know who or when other attacks going to come to the family. It was the lest person you would thought would be doing it. It does make it look like main single guy in the book was doing it. But I was really hoping that they would find out it wasn't hime doing it. It had you believe in God more as you go along in the book too. But one thing I would say watch who you make mad or let go from work. The thing of it was the person that was doing all this was taking it out on the Hostettler family just because of the father of the family let go his stepdad to the guy that was doing the attacks. Just because him and his mom was getting betup from the stepdad and he wanted them to pay for every year they got it. But I don't think he should do that since the Hostettler family didn't know that was going on. I just wouldn't take it out on someone else even if they let someone in my family go from ther job no matter what. What do you think? But it did keep you on wanted to find out if Martha and Luke ever got to date and maybe get married. You really could see how much they did love each other.

So now for the new book that I am on is the Judgment by Beverly Lewis.
And this is what on the back of the book. Two Amish sisters reunited by unforeseen circumstances. Hen Faces an ultimatum that could leave her heart forver torn. Rose looks ahead to promising future with handsome Silas. Yet can she forget her dear friend Nick...and what might have been?

This is a little bit about Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Has more then fourteen million books in print. Her stories have been published in eleven languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller list, including The New York Times and USA Today.

What is your dream job?

I have it now working with kids

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If you had access to a time machine, where and when would be the first place you travel to?

I am not to sure

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How many hours do you sleep each night?

it very from night to night

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Do you believe in angels?

yes I do

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Where's the best place in your hometown to get a great burger or milkshake?

I can't really think of one right off hand

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Which do you like better - football (NFL) or football (soccer)?

I don't like soccer of any kind

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How do you generally get around - walk, bike, drive, public transportation or some other way?


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Did you know you can now follow publicly OR privately on Formspring -- and the choice it entirely up to you? (Which means you can also see who is following you!)

I just find that out I am not to sure about that yet

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Who is the last person you IMed with? What did you chat about?

what is IMed

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What's your favorite thing about staying in a hotel over the holidays?

I don't stay in a hotel for the holidays

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Did you make any new years resolutions this year? If so, have you stuck with them so far?

no I really didn't make any since they just get broking any way

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If you're in the US, are you following the presidential primaries? And if you live outside the US, do you ever pay attention to American politics?

I am in the US and no I am not following the persidential primaries. to me it boring and not something I want to listen to

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How do you get through Mondays?

it's just other day for me

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What going on at my church for a year.

I thought that I would do a blog. I was going to do this one the other night but I got busy doing other things and kind of forgot about it. When I did think of it was way to late to do it that night. What I want to blog about was what my church is doing again. But this time my pastor is doing it a little bit different. My church is doing a year of the Bible and my pastor is doing to blog everyday of it. So I thought I would do a blog about it so other people out there can go check out his page or maybe would want to be part of everything and read the Bible for the year too. While I am thinking of it here is the link to Pastor Gary blog and go to Pastor Gary's Bible Blog since I can't get the link to come up right for some reason.
I just hope that other like what he has to say. He does have some good things to say. At one time I thought that I would write about what I thought about the Bible and other time I thought I am not going to do it. Since I might not write everyday what I read since I am not reading it everyday like I should be. I just like to pass on things.