Thursday, February 5, 2009

the ice/snow storm of 09

Well I been saying that I would do a blog about the ice/snow storm last week. So here it is for anyone that hasn't see anything about it on the news or me twittering it. It was really bad around here. Well it didn't start till Tuesday afternoon. Some of my family lost power sometime that day. But our power didn't go off at 4pm for a little while and then it cam back on for a while. At lest for us to get supper started and over with. When it did go off for good it was almost 7pm. It wasn't to bad that night just to quiet in the house u could hear everything that was going on in the house and outside too. We didn't have any kind of heate in this house. So we just had to use what blanks that we had in the house to stay warm. Me and mom stayed in the living room most of the time and we was on the chouch. We really didn't have that much in the house so you could say that we really wasn't ready for this storm. My dad was the one that was going out to work while lot of this was going on. My aunt and step uncle went to Carbondale, IL to get gas and get some food for us and them too. Me and mom couldn't go any where since my car had a tree limb hanging over the car from the roof. and some more tree limbs behinde the car. But we did have some power lins and cable line down in our drive way. My brother come over so we got to see him more then we have in a very long time. He did have my niece with him one day. And it was nice to see her. I think she made mom day to see her. He was the one that find us a heater. I can't spell the kind that he go for us. He got that 2hrs before the power came back on. He should have getting that a lot sooner. But we got our power back on Saturday around 12pm. We didn't get the cable back on then it was still down till today about 11am I think that's when it came on for us. The only thing that I didn't like about all this was that they didn't try to get the hospital and the nuserying home up first. I do have an uncle in the nuserying home. I they did have one part of it had heater but not the side that he was on. At one time. I can't spell what they use to get the power on. Well they did have one if and they nurser's used it in the office to work there computers. That's not right. I think they should use it for the people that was in there. And my uncle already had a cold. If something did happen to him then they would have a Law suet on there house that for sure. But they didn't get the power back on till Sunday sometime I think. My brother was with out power till yesterday sometime. Far as I know there are some people still with out power around here right now. We did have a lot of tree limbs down around the house and one kind of still in the tree and on the roof. But that one is kind of hard to get out. So we need to get someone to help with that. Since dad want to take 3 trees out. But the people he called to find out how much it would cost way to much to do it with them. So we are still looking around. And we have to wait for the guy to come to the house to see how much that the insures will pay for things. And we got to take the car to see about it again since the guy wasn't there that look at it. Since I did have a tree limb hit part of the car. But we can still drive it. My brother did come over to help dad to get all the treem limbs that they could get out on there own. That was nice of my brother to do that even on his birthday at that. But he was a big help last week for us and so was my aunt. I really thank them for a lot they have done for us. And my granny that was on her trip for few months she called everyday to check up on us. But we keep on telling her to call on the cell phone since it was hard for us to get to the house phone. And too we never know for sure if he house phone was going to go since that line was low too. We can get calls in but couldn't make one out. But we did have our cell phone. And mom made dad take her phone with him to work and call to let us know that he has made it to work alright. He just hate cell phone. I think thats just about it. But then again there might be more that I forgot to say anything about.
Sorry for any spelling mistake that I made in this blog. I am not that good at spelling things. But I just hope that u can get what I am staying in this one. While I am thinking of this I did put some picuters up on my for anyone that would like to see them. But I will put some up on page just haven't done it. And I don't have all the picuters on my computer yet. But I will have to find out which pictuers that I am missing for sure and send it to my computer again so I can put it up on twitter. Well I think that I am going to stop here since I have made it very long on here.