Wednesday, August 11, 2010

about The Muskteer's Apprentice

I haven't done one in a while. So I thought I would do one about the book that I finished over the weekend. Well this is my first one that I have talked about a book that I just finish in a blog before. But I thought I would try it and see how I do with this one. I just hope that I do it alright. Here we go.

Will for the name of the book that I just finish is. The Musketeer's Apprentice by Sarah D'Almeida
The book wasn't to bad really. There was at time it got boring but it still keep you into the book. One of the bad things is it didn't really have chapter or at lest it didn't say them. Just the name of what the chapter was going to be about. I never had a bood to do that. Most of the other books I have read did tell me how many chapter the book had in it. For what it si about. Will it about this Musketeer that was teaching this one kid how to fencing. But at the time he didn't know the boy was his son. When the boy didn't show up for his leson thats when he went looking for the boy. But when he did find him he was died. Poison to death since there wasn't anything to make it look like it was fight. He wanted to find out who did this to the boy.

They had to go back to where the boy was from to find out somethings about him. And thats when he find out the died boy was his son. So he went back to his own home town to find out more. Even thought it was kind of sad but it was still good. That the Musketeer find out what really happen. But he didn't know he has a son till he was gone. Even the boy mother was poison to. But I am not going to tell to much more about this book if I did then you wouldn't want to read it for yourself. But the end did come out happy for everyone.

I know this was my first one and it might not be that good. But it's better to have tryed then not to try at all. I hope that you all like what I have to say about this book.