Sunday, July 25, 2010

why do people do what they do.

Have you ever thought why guys do what they do to us for? Why do they think it's alright for them to do it. Is it right for them to get away with everything do. At time you never know if a guy really mean anything he said. It seem like they have to lie to you about everything. They say the like you and want to talk and get to know you. They say they don't want to get there heart broking. But is that just other lie out of them. I know that some female does the something.

But do we know what is the real thing any more? That is the hard thing to tell now days. There is so many people lieing this days and how can we tell when someone is telling the truth or the real thing too. Why can't there be more honest people in the world. It seem like there more liers then honest people. It just seem so hard to find the honest people out there. Maybe they are just hiding and we can't find them just yet. It one more hard thing out of life that we have to try and find.

The only one know who is the real thing is God. He will let us know who is the real thing. But at time you wish that he would tell you sooner then later. But he just does thing in his own way and his own time. We have to wait it out and sometime we just tired of the waiting but we still have to do it no matter what. But what if a guy call you one mins and you can't really talk to him at that time and you tell the guy that you would call them when you have more free time. But when you do call that person back and he said he can't hear you on the phone that you was on. And you try other phone but the person don't bother to answer you. What should you make out of that. But you do text the guy to find out why he didn't answer you and he said don't feel like talking right now. What should you make of it. Thats the think it seem like he like you still and other time he don't. Thats what I don't get out of some people this days. It seem like they are hot one mins for you and then the next they are cold when it don't go there way. Why can't peopel say what they really mean and mean it in the long run. I know sometime we might not know what we really want right then. But at lest tell the person so they know whats going on.

Why do some guys or even people think that they know you, but they really don't know you at all. They say you are like this person which you are not like that person at all. They just don't like it that you don't like them in the same way and they don't want to really say it they like you that way. So they have to get mad at you and say you are the one in some kind of mood, which you are not in any kind of mood. Why do people have to make you things and try to get there own way. It just seem like guys are the one that does it more then anyone else out of life. I know few guys that are like that. They don't care if they hurt you in the long run. Even if they say they don't want to hurt you but they already have. But you still like then and even love them. But they maybe bad for you in the long run. What if God is telling you that this person is the one for you.

How do you know if the guy you think might be the one that God thing you should be with is the one. That something is so hard to tell for me any way. What God is trying to tell me what is right for me or what to do in life. There are other people out there think that they know what is best for me when sometime I don't know. I know there are some people want to know everything that is going in your life. But is it right they need to know everything and they don't bother telling everything going on in there life. I don't think so. They should tell you everything thats gone and then you should tell them whats going after did. But some people wont do that. I just don't know what to do any more. I know I might have said somethings over and over in here or even in some of the other blogs I have done before. Sometime I just don't know what to say and other times I just can't remember what I have said in everyone of my blogs that I have done. But I think that I am going to end this one right here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Am I going to find the right guy

Sometime I think to myself am I ever going to find someone to be with for the rest of my life. I know I thought that I had that the first time around. But that didn't work out the way that I wanted it to. Since he couldn't stop listening to his daddy. If he did then we might be together today. Maybe God had other plans after all for us. Then again he just might not be done with me yet and he might have something else for me to learn. I just wish I knew what he had in mind for me. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life either. I know that I have family around and some friends. But it just seem like that I get left out of lot of things more then anyone know. I am so sick and tired of that happening or the last one to know something. I am not to sure why this has to happen to me more then anything else in my life for. But then again it don't help much that I am shy.

I just wish I knew where to go from here. It seem like that I have tryed just about everything that I can think of doing to finding someone. It just don't seem like it working any more. Like I said before in other blog that I have done most of the site that I been on just want your money and it just care that you don't have the money for it. They just need other way for you to see who is writing you or have something on there where they could put there email address or something that on it. But most of don't want that on there with out you paying for the site. Thats what I just don't get out of them. But I keep on looking on other site. It just don't seem that working for me either. Right I am at a point in life I just don't any more or just about to give up on everything. Till I hear that someone going to get married or just been to a Wedding or going to have a baby, and thats when I get to think am I going to have that again.

I am so tired of everything this days. I know that I shouldn't give up on looking for the right guy for me. Just seem like I should do that since nothing else is working out right for me any more. I know that God has hand in everything in my life but it just don't seem like it any more. I know that I shouldn't give up God any more. Thats one thing that I am not going to try and give up on him. I have to pray harder and see if he led me down the right road to that great guy. I am just so tired of waiting around. I know that I am still going on with my life doing things that I should be doing everyday. I just would like someone else beside my family to do that way too. Just don't know any more on anything.

Friday, July 16, 2010

working out fun for kids.

Here is a good one for everyone even if you don't have kids of our own. Can you really make a workout fun for kids wanted to do it. That is something hard to do. Since you don't know what would be fun for them. You just might see one kid do it and it look fun. But if you wanted your own kids to try it and they wont bother to even do it. They just don't like the word work in it. Thats what I think most kids don't like the hard work they need to keep there self healthy this days.

I know that I don't have kids of my own. But I do watch kids at my church. So I thought of something you might want to try with your own kids. You could ask them what they would think is fun that you could do outside. I know most kids now days just wanted to stay home and play games on the computer or video games too. And lot of them are not that much fun and you don't get up and move. The only one that does it is the wii game and that is a lot of fun. But then again you can't get your kids to do that one either they just want to sit there and watch tv. I know that not good for anyone to do all day long really.

So like I said before ask them what is fun. Thats the first thing you should with anything to ask them what they like. But sometime you just might get something good out of them. Other one is try to get them outside to do thing that means riding there blickes or taking a walk. But I know that some kids might not think that is any fun just walking. But you could ask them what they see on there walk or count how many house on the block and other things. It's other way for them to learn and other way you guys to get closer. The best thing you can do is to try to make it fun. Just do something different every day. Don't just do it once a week then it wouldn't be much fun if you just did it once and never went back to it. The thing is you have to keep it up so that they would want to have a better life in the long run.

I know it's hard to get kids to eat the right foods too. And I know they might not look that good. What I would do if a wouldn't eat something. I would say try a bit to make sure it don't taste bad as it look. Sometime some food can look bad then it taste. It's never good to make a kid eat something that they really don't want to eat even if they have tryed it. Get your kids in the middle of thing like make it fun to learn how the food is made or get them to cook with you. In the end then they are more likely to try the foods that you want them to eat. And it would stick with them in the long run. Everything we do with kids we got to make it fun for them to learn if we don't then they just don't want to do it. Even with reading. Sometime it we have to work out a way to get kids to do anything this days. They just want to stay in the house. Thats not good for anyone.

So what would you do to get your kids to work out or to do anything that is fun outside? I know sometime it's to hot for them to be outside. But you can do something inside that are fun and they are moving. That the really key here is getting your kids moving more. Thats what I want for all the kids is to move a little more then just sitting around and doing nothing all day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

why does thing seem to be so hard.

Why does it seem to be so hard to find anything that you want now days. When you do ask for help to find something, lot of the time the people just don't know what you are talking about. So in the end of things they can't help you out. So you are back to where you started from. So where do you go from here. I guess you have to keep on looking for what you want. But after a while you just get tired of looking for whatever you started to look for in the first place. But the thing is should you just give up that easy or not? That is anything you do out of live should you quite this or that if it's just to hard for you. But should anything be that easy for you?

Wouldn't live be much easier if they was that easy to benign with? Then again it wouldn't be much fun if it was that easy out of life I would think. So the old saying goes nothing that easy come to people everyone have to work for what they got. But there are people that it seem to be much easier for them then other. That's just how live is now days. So nothing you want going to come to you with out a little hard work any more. That mean if you are looking something up online or talking to someone or anything else for that matter. But you should just keep on trying and never give up on anything or anyone. I don't sometime you should give up on people too. Even if they hurt you so bad. It just depend on how they hurt you would be a reason to give up on them. But I know if they are your friends then you really shouldn't give up on them I would say. But if it's an ex then it just might be a lot easier to give up on them and let that person just walk away from you no matter what happens to you and that person. It could be for the better in life.

about cell phone's

This is a good one I kind of got the idea from my ex that I was just talking to. How come we get the wrong text and phone # for. And when you try to call or text that # back and then it goes to someone you already know. So what is going on with that. Is someone playing a game or whats going on with our cell phone this days. That something I could never get why things like this have to happen for. When you think that you know someone or something that good and then you get something different out of that person or phone for that matter. So what should you really be thinking about? And too when the person said that they was trying to call that wrong # to find out on who it is. For some reason it goes to yours # phone. But do you really think that person wanted to call you or not. I know that my phone has went to someone else before. But I put someone else # in my phone. It keep on going to some land line phone and then to some lawyer's office.

But the big thing is why does cell phone have to do something like that for? That the thing we can't don't know why they do it for we just have to guess on why it happen. But we do hope it don't happen again. But one of this days we are going to a big wrong # and we could be in a lot of hot water with it. Have you ever thought about that one before? I don't think we really have. What if it goes to the police's office and if they do try to call you back to find out if you ment to call them. But if they don't get you back they just might come to your door. So what should you do then. And how are you going to get yourself out of that one if it happen more then ones. But you never know what you are going to do till it happen. At lest that never has happen to me yet. And I hope it never does happen either. I know that there are problems with cell phone's this days. But we just don't when or where it going to mess up on us either.

Monday, July 12, 2010

what do you think on dating site

Now here is a good one dating. I know everything has change since your parents and even granparents was our age and how they meet people. It seem like lot of it is done by online dating site. But is that a good way to meet people. But for some people that are shy and don't like going to bars. Then yes it's a good way of doing it since you can get to know them by talking online and by phone before meeting face to face.

Now here come the bad thing about the dating site I think are. Most of the site what you to pay for them. But not everyone can pay for the site. And they say it's free and is it really free. So are they really liying about it bening free thats the big thing. Lot of them wont even let you see who sent you anything and I think thats not right to do either. I think all the dating site want is your money and don't care if you want to find your soulemate or not. And that does get to me more then anything. And lot of site want to help you find that person but they are not making it any easser for you to do that. Now I have a question for you all. What do you think most of this dating site are out for? 1. To help you to find the right person for you. 2. Are they just out for the money. You know what I think about this now it's your turn.

how should I use my blog to get paid.

People have giving me ideas on what to do. But one of the things is on getting paid from doing this blogs. But what way should I go about getting paid. There are to many site to look at and go from. And some of them want you to sign up with there site just to look at the site sometime and use your email. But what if you don't really want that site then what. So where do you from there. That the thing I am not to sure on. And I know I could use all the help that I can get right now.

What is the hardest thing is getting people to read my blogs and getting comments on them and left on this page. I know that there are few people that do read this and thanks to you guys. You guys make it why I even bother to do a blog in the first places and other is to get whatever is on my mind at that time out and get help.

So now where do I go from here. Should I just keep on writing what is on my mind and hope someone see it and think that I should get paid for what I am doing. Like I said before where do I go from here now. So I am upside down on all this. But I do have some ideas on somethings that I might want to wright about just not to sure if there are any good.

Well here are some of the ideas that I have been thinking about.
1. Writing about the books that I have read or going to be reading.
2. Just writing whats going on around me and what is on my mind.
3. Writing about God and church.
4. Writing about the show that I do watch or maybe thinking about watching or even movies that I like.
I know there just only 4 right now. There will be more later on. Just want to start off slow with all this. And I could use all the help that I can get. Just have to wait and see how things go from here on out. Longer as I type then they just start coming to me. But that might be a good thing. So I hope this is a very good start.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I wasn't to sure if I should do other one or not. But I thought to myself I said why not do it any way since it might make you feel better. So here is a new one for this year.

I was thinking about why do people say they love you but if you don't say it back to does it really mean you don't love them? I know it's hard to say that would when you don't hear growning up or you been hurt one to many times in the past. But I know my family don't say it that much to each other. It doesn't mean we don't love each other very much and yes I know that my family and friends love me. Even if they don't say it to me but they do show it to me in different ways. Like a hug every now and then or just sitting on the computer and talking to or talking to me in person or by phone that's other way of showing you love someone. But someone think that they have to say it back and then they will say you don't love me or don't care about me. But that not true. But I will say this if that person don't believe anything you say then that person didn't really care about you in the first places. And if they try to turn then around to make you feel back. But that's not right to do either.

But what can you do about all this just to end things with that person? But sometime you need to just let that person go. Since that person wanted it his way no matter what you may say or do. And too I don't think that person really truth ed you in the long run. If that person did then they wouldn't have made you feel bad in the long run. That person need to change for the better. They need to let God work in there life before they could really love you. Even if they say that they really love you and I do mean it. But sometime how can u believe then when they don't do what they said they was going to do in the first place. Even thought they need to find a way to do it. But if they really cared they would have worked much hard to do it. But sometime you want to believe them but should you really believe them in the first place, since they have hurt once before. I know that people can change over time.

But how much time should you give them before you give them other change? A few months or few years or what. That's other thing you can never tell when you should give anyone time to see if they will change before you should end things or give them other change with you. I think that is something that is so hard for anyone to give a good answer with. Now days I am going to take it slower like I have said I am going to do it slow since I been hurt one to many time in my live and I know people don't want to hurt anyone else. But sometime you just can't help it. I know this person said they didn't want to hurt me but in the long run they did it. I think they did it from the start and I didn't want to see it at first. But everyone else around me did see and was trying to tell me that I should tell this person off for good. Then again I wanted to see if this person would change. But I don't think this person would every change at all.

From now on I am going to let God have a big hand in everything I do when it come to dating this days. Since he give up his son for us. And he did so much for us in the long run. If it wasn't for God none of us would be hear. And he has made us in the person that he wanted us to be. But at time I don't think he is done working on us. Some of us need a lot more work and I know that we don't get what we want from God when we ask him for it. It might not be are time for whatever we do ask him. I know he has done some good things in this world. He has sent a missing boy that was missing for 3 days back home to his family that missed him very much. And lot of other things that we may not know about. So I am going to let God do what he can for me and my family. And I am going to take things slow at it and see where it goes from here on out.

When you are not looking for something that's when God and yourself will find the right person for you. You just have to give it sometime. But the thing is can you wait around for the right person? I know that can be a hard thing to do. I am one of them that just don't like to wait for something. I have called it the waiting game. Since that what it feel like sometime for me. But sometime the best things come to the people that wait for it. So I guess I have to do the waiting game if I like it or not. I know you shouldn't go fast if you do then you will get burned in the long run and that's not a good thing either. But you don't have to wait around along you have your family and friends to help past the time by with.

Here is other good question for you all. What if you don't have friends or any family around then what? So are you really waiting around a long or do you have someone with you? I don't think you are really waiting around along there is Jesus and his father God there with you in the long run. You may not see them but they are there. And they love you for yourself no matter what you may or may not do in this world. They are the ounces that wont leave you. This past month or maybe 2 I have learned that lesson for sure. I know God is there for me know matter what. And I do have a great family and friends. Even thought I might not see all my friends in person but I know they are there for me no matter what just like God there. I know that it don't feel like it all the time. But everyone does have a life of there own too. And we got to respect it if we want them in our life forever. We all never know whats really going to happen from one day to the next. So you have to take it one day at a time. That's what I am going to do from now on and let things happen.

The old saying goes everything happen for a reason. And sometime you can ask why it happen since you might not like the answer. Or should you ask why to see what it does give you? That the thing you never know when it's a good time to ask why or for help for that matter. I know that there are some people out that is scared to ask for help. And there are other that does ask and keep on asking for and they just don't do anything for themselves. But I ask for help and I do try to give back and help other out when I can. We just can't all ways help other people out when they would like it. And that person can't understand it you can't help. And they get mad at you for that. But they got to understand not everyone can help everyone out all the time. So is that a reason to get mad at someone for? And when you know something not going to happen before it does. Is that a good reason to get mad for? Should the other person you are trying to tell you what they are going to do and still working on get mad at you? But sometime you know the other person a little better then they know there oneself.

Like my thing is in this blog for is why do people say they love and do they really love you. I may have said it already if I didn't then here we go. I know there are some people that you know that will love you till the end of time and that should be your family. But sometime that's not all ways the cases. But God love you no matter what you do or don't do in this world. I know I have said that before but that is the truth. Will I know I have said a lot for this one blog so I am going to end it here.