Sunday, January 27, 2013

I know it's been a long time since I post anything on here. It's just been a very busy last year. And I see that things seem to change on blog post. So I just thought that I would do a post while I had some free time on here tonight. And to check in with everyone that does read my post. I am still not that sure on how many that does read it. I know I am way last with this Happy New Year everyone. But I will be doing some post on the books that I did finish last year. But there will 3 books that I don't think that I will do a post on since I am not to sure if kids get on my page and read my post. And this 3 books are not for there eyes if you know what I mean. But I did get an e-reader so I am not to sure on how I will do that post yet. Since I haven't seen the back of the book yet but I will look more into that and let you all know more about it later. I just hope that everyone is doing good this year. Will I think I am going to stop here and try to find where I put my notes on the other books as soon as I find that I will post it on here.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings and Good Wishes from India !
Ring out the od and Ring in the New !
Merry Christmas to All of you all around the World ! This year 2013 should have been very positively pleasant year for all of the citizens ; albiet certain pockets on this planets may have had political disturbances causing incidents not very pleasant ! The Clouds gather on the dark skies no matter what we desire ; but the wise ones rush into the shades hoping to escape the thunderbolts ! Yes, thunderbolts strike unexpectable from far off places even al distanced as 25 miles apart ! These political . Economic upheavals cause unsavouriness to many many people, mostly innocent civilians and incredibly to children unawares ! Such havocs happened on this places without going into unacceptable details ! EMOTION SHOUD NOT TAKE PLACE OF INTELLIGENCE !! Wisdom should prevail ! The message of the glorious Christmas is pure Love and Kindness ; which should the two eyes, two hands , two legs and of both lobes of the brains ! Repeating Love All and Be Kind to All : shall be the ringing bells of Christmas ushering in the New 2024 Year !